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2018-10-28, 23:39

The Rescue Of A Tiny Bird

Most baby animals are really cute. But some are rather creepy looking. This teeny tiny bird is on the creepy side and what the rescuer went thru to rescue it was really quite amazing. Have you ever rescued an animal? How did you do it? Would you do it again?

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2018-10-29, 10:09

What a heroic rescue. That didn't look like something any regular person could have done. He probably had more knowledge than most about birds. I was surprised by how fast the bird grew once it hatched. I can't remember having rescued an animal like that.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-10-29, 21:09

He showed amazing patience and loving care. What a cute little bird it is once it’s feathers grew in.

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Host of Paints and Crafts

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2018-10-29, 22:04

Nature is wonderful, the bird immediately learned and associated the whistling of the human with the food that would come and opened his tiny mouth, so intelligent!

All the best, Leia

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2018-10-29, 22:09

#1 He was so patient with the egg initially as well!

I don't think I have ever rescued an animal as such, I think the closest I would have had was getting a bird outside my house once it was trapped.

2018-10-30, 04:34

I never would have thought of feeding it aphids!

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Host of Paints and Crafts

2019-01-10, 23:57

Wow that’s amazing. It was such a tiny little thing!

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